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David Margolis MD
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Looking Behind: The Gaseous Life of a Gastroenterologist
A collection of stories and poems based on the life of gastroenterologist and award-winning humorist David Margolis MD, Looking Behind includes vignettes from his early years growing up in Canada, his experiences in training, and his years as a practicing gastroenterologist both at home and at the office. Some stories are true, others are more imaginative, some will elicit a laugh, and some may cause a tear to shed. The book is infused with the author’s humility, humor, and humanity, as well as his honest concern for patients, and will be of interest to those in the medical field as well as anyone interested in the practice of medicine.

“Whimsical, but with enough bite to approach satire at times, Looking Behind offers intriguing insights into the early role of both patients and physicians. Although fictional, there is clearly some basis in fact within each tale, but the author has cleverly blurred the distinction between truth and fiction. As with other memoirs in general, these reminiscences tell us more about the author than about the patients, but that is what gives them much of their charm.”

                                    David H. Alpers, MD
                                    William B. Kountz Professor of Medicine
                                    Washington University School of Medicine

About the Author
Dr. David Margolis received his medical degree at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg Canada. After completing a residency in Internal Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio, 
Publisher: Uranus Publishing
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0-991215409
Product Dimensions: 5 X 7
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and a fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis, he practiced gastroenterology in the suburbs of St. Louis for thirty-six years before retiring in 2013. 

David's stories have appeared in several medical journals as well as, Long Story Short, and Still Crazy. He resides in Creve Coeur, Missouri, with his wife, two poodles, and a set of golf clubs.

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