• Looking Behind

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    A collection of stories and poems based on the life of gastroenterologist and award-winning humorist David Margolis MD, Looking Behind includes vignettes from his early years growing up in Canada, his experiences in training, and his years as a practicing gastroenterologist both at home and at the office.

    Some stories are true, others more imaginative, some will elicit a laugh, and some may cause a tear to be shed. The book is infused with the author's humility, humor and humanity as well as his honest concern for patients and should be of interest to those in the medical field as well as anyone interested in the practice of medicine.

    5-Star Amazon Review

    “Great compilation of short stories -- not just for doctors. Margolis has found a fine 2nd career with his humor filled short stories. They also provide a nice perspective on life. Reading it aroused many laughs, but also draws tears to the eyes in several sincere moments. An absolute joy to read.”


    5-Star Amazon Review

    “A Jewish doctor with a sense of humor--Is there any other? This is a fast read that will leave you laughing, shedding a tear and thinking back to your own childhood and coping with life in general. Being in healthcare, I also enjoyed Dr. Margolis' anecdotes about his profession, patients, etc.”

    Excerpt from “Looking Behind”
    Ode to a Commode
    It’s just as American as pie alamode.
    The finest accoutrement to any abode.
    Your faithful companion if you need to unload.
    The welcoming bench from a long trip on the road.
    If you leave the seat up, your wife calls you a toad,
    When you put in too much, it once overflowed.
    You might sit for a while if your evacuation has slowed,
    The greatest relief if you’re going to explode.
    There are no rules of etiquette or a dress code,
    The porcelain bowl will never corrode.
    You can read a small paragraph or the whole episode.
    One of the greatest inventions that man has bestowed.