Tales of Unkosher Souls Named A Best Indie Book of the Year By Kirkus Reviews, 2021!

    Welcome to the witty, provocative world of a doctor-turned-writer. David Margolis, M.D., who retired nearly a decade ago from successfully practicing gastroenterology for 35 years, has penned three novels, each filled with touches of humor, pessimism, and morality, as well as two books of insightful and imaginative short stories that make you think, laugh, and even leave you scratching your head.

    His award-winning, critically-acclaimed books offer substance and meaning while entertaining and enlightening readers. He offers a satirical voice in his writings, a blend of Franz Kafka and Sholem Aleichem.

    “If you came looking for stories that only have happy endings, look elsewhere,” says Dr. Margolis. "But I promise to make you laugh and think."

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