• Meltdown

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    Who better to write about the Covid pandemic than a

    retired physician, a prime target for the deadly virus?


    Dr. David Margolis wrote these tales during the

    worst time of the pandemic, cooped up in a house with only his

    imagination as a guest. He has produced a remarkable collection

    of stories, combining sadness and loss with medical knowledge and

    distinctive humor


    The protagonist of the fi rst story is a superstitious old woman

    who believes that Covid was sent by the devil and who can

    prove that it wasn’t? We read about a muddled septuagenarian

    whose imaginary friend from childhood replaces his dead wife.

    There’s an autobiographical sketch written by the virus itself, a

    play by play description concerning the invasion of Dave’s nose.


    There’s a sad dog with large hairy ears who waits for his master

    to return after he’s taken away on a stretcher. We encounter a

    klatch of washed-up Gods sipping coffee in the heavens, who

    kvetch about irreverent humans and are delighted thatCovid

    has come. There’s a misogynist sinner whose ashes are taken

    to a rundown cemetery and dumped in a cluster of weeds. The

    final story, Meltdown, is a dystopian tale about a super virulent

    Covid virus that kills most of the Earth’s population, leaving

    only a few desperate humans to argue amongst themselves.


    These stories will make you laugh, make you cry, and might

    make you cough if you haven’t had your booster shots.